• Fountain Podcasts 0.6.0 update introduces the ability to fund your Fountain account via MoonPay.
• Activity page also added, which shows popular episodes and clips.
• UI changes include new design for content cards, replies to clips, and clips and comments displayed on episode pages.

Fountain Podcasts recently released their 0.6.0 update, introducing various features that enable users to capture new value for value transactions. With this update, podcasters and listeners can now facilitate a direct link between themselves, avoiding conflicts of interest from external sources of funding.

The update introduces the ability to fund your Fountain account via a partnership with MoonPay, a company which allows users to purchase satoshis with a debit or credit card. This allows podcasters to receive sats for the content they provide, while listeners can receive sats for likes on their comments or clips.

In addition to this larger update, several UI changes were implemented. A new content card design was released, along with the ability to reply to clips and the displaying of clips and comments on the episode pages. The Activity page was also introduced, a feed which shows popular episodes and clips, and is the first of many new social discovery features that use money as a signal for value.

By facilitating this value for value model, podcasters can avoid external sources of funding which can potentially be harmful to their listeners. The software like Fountain enables consumers to directly support these podcasters, thus reducing the potential for such events from occurring. With this update, Fountain Podcasts enables users to capture new value for value transactions, and solidifies the direct link between content creators and their consumers.

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