• Bitcoin Magazine published an article highlighting the need for Ethiopia to turn to Bitcoin due to inflation.
• Yilak Kidane ran a full Bitcoin node in Addis Ababa and live streamed the process.
• An introductory class titled “Bitcoin 101” was held in Addis Ababa to increase education and adoption.

The global Bitcoin community had an exciting year in 2022, and African Bitcoiners were particularly enthused. With 54 countries that largely have a young population, Africa is well-positioned for Bitcoin, as evidenced by the growing number of educators, advocates, and developers. Ethiopia, in particular, could become a leader in Bitcoin adoption and innovation in the coming years.

In the first quarter of 2022, Bitcoin Magazine published an article by Project Mano titled “Suppressed by World Superpowers, Ethiopia Should Turn To Bitcoin”. This article was in response to the nation’s inflation numbers of 35.1% and 41.6% for food inflation. Yilak Kidane made news in the same quarter by running a full Bitcoin node using a Raspberry Pi 4 and live streaming the process from his home in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed also expressed his support for cryptocurrencies during an inaugural celebration for the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

The second quarter saw the inauguration of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which is expected to harness 6,450 megawatts of energy. BTC Times also released an article titled “Ethiopia’s Best Chance at Adopting Bitcoin”, and Project Mano held an introductory class titled “Bitcoin 101” in Addis Ababa. This class was inspired by books from Bitcoin-focused authors such as Jimmy Song, Andreas Antonopoulos, and Saifedean Ammous.

The future looks bright for Bitcoin and Ethiopia, as the nation has the potential to become a leader in Bitcoin adoption and innovation. The growing number of educators, advocates, and developers in the country will help ensure that the population is well-informed about the benefits of Bitcoin and its potential applications. With a supportive government, a growing number of Bitcoin-related projects, and a youthful population, Ethiopia could be in an ideal position to take advantage of what Bitcoin has to offer in the years to come.

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